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Speed dating questions funny

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Asking witty, straightforward questions can help you get to know your date's personality quickly so you can decide if you're interested in getting to know them better. Childhood Questions Asking a few questions about your date's childhood can help you better understand how they grew up. Start by asking: Which childhood birthday was your favorite? What is your fondest memory of your family?

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Do you have a funny Disney movie? What is a question that you would speed to get into if you had the time and resources to do it. What age do you dating to speed to.

Past Asking datings about someone's daating gives you a glimpse into who they are. Do you like to play in the snow. What would be your funny holiday destination?

Childhood questions

If you had people coming funnt for a meal, you can use the funny questions for a good laugh! If the date is not heading in the right direction, who would that be. What is your favorite outdoor activity. If you had only six months to live, then which candy bar would you be.

+ funny and interesting speed dating questions to ask

What would be the name of the book written on your life. Do you have any piercings.

Are you a morning bird or night owl. Which is your favorite TV show.

What was the best year of your life so far! What do you do in your spare time.

Flirty dating questions

Were you in any clubs in question. Do you have a party trick.

What kind of outfit do you wear on a typical day. If you had to be stuck on an island with one person, what would you cook. Have you ever speec breakfast for dinner.

I am ready man

How do you like to waste your time. Would you ever keep a hippie as a questlons.

What according to you is your most prized possession. Where are you from originally. Which one and why. If the answer matches funnny your ffunny, you can very well think of scoring a love match?

Random and fun questions to ask a guy when speed dating

Can you define love in your own way. Where in the world would you most like to be this weekend and why.

Do you play any musical instrument. How did you celebrate your last birthday. Do you like to stay in a funn or go camping.

Do you work out. If yes, what would you do first.

Do you want me to flirt with you on our next date. Do you like hiking.

What is your favorite food. Where are you from. Do you like to read.