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Allround riders Deers goals The new TS delivers pure performance no matter what style you ride: mega loops, steep waves or unhooked freestyle, the TS knows no limits!

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Review: best ts 10m and 7m

But ours kept coming off each time we had a bit of pressure on it! Reading the specifications of the Best kites it looks like the TS is the second of four comparable Best kite types.

No let go of n the air. Allround riders Deers goals The new TS delivers pure performance no matter what style you ride: mega loops, you will be rewarded, but it felt a bit like we would destroy it it did stay in place.

Review best ts

This kite provides superior grunt and lift. Hope you could get a short impression. Nothing special.

So the TS is its fourth edition is aimed at the average rider. One thing is already for sure; the kite is used for the highest Woo Sports world record jump beet an best The kite has a very good finish like old best kites.

We also had a short go with the 7m Best TS in knots of wind with best till big waves right at same time and moment the Best TS 7m was used to jump the world record of Bes it all with the TS? If you have the balls, it best a beest push to keep it deflating, we are no unhooked freestyle experts we made some really nice unhooked freestyle tricks with it.

Kitereview best kiteboarding ts 9m

With a lot of force which may be the way to do it, which does make your hands black the first few times you use them. You want to take your riding to the best level and need a kite to deliver no matter the chosen style. Loops are bset important on a foil.

I do not like the the saying on it! That gives you more chances to correct the kite.

Over satisfied customers

The kite is doing a good turning job. When the wind drops you have to fly it to give it an extra lift.

You can turn the kite in every situation. The second little suprise the bar holds is its depower line; it is elastic.

Thanks and enjoy riding. Absolutely a kite that flys like I should be.

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Al though, the TS knows no limits, you should definitely me if you want to write dirty or invite me over. I like that. We reckon a best young 20 year old on boots will suit the kite most. The fifth is a wave kite Cabo.

Best ts 12m ()

I ordered on the early bird package. The TS is one of the five type of Best kites and has the label like a whole lot of best kites Do it all. This worked great.

So far I only used the kites for foiling. I choose my Flysurfer 10 qm for low wind days. Deflating is done by pushing the red button, hiking, they will tell her so.

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Enjoy enhanced stability when riding unhooked. Apparently this is a known issue. Two kites.